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On Garages in Snowy Weather

Garages are for storing cars, shielding them from the elements.

Today I watched, off and on, my neighbors spend more than one hour shoveling around the cars they parked in their driveway. I cleared my entire driveway and the sidewalks around my house in one third the time. Not only that, but my cars - in the garage - are accessible 24/7 with slippers and sweatclothes.

I understand not keeping your car inside garages in Florida. The worst thing that could happen there (hurricanes and falling trees aside) was that you'd get wet if it was raining. But in PA during the winter?

Your cars belong in your garage, not a bunch of boxes and things you can't fit in the basement you converted into extra living space.

One Response to "On Garages in Snowy Weather"

  1. I live in Finland at the moment and whilst I dont currently own a car I was told that keeping a car inside during the winter months causes issues with corrosion due to the salt used on the roads.

    If the car is left inside the humidity causes the salt to corrode the car faster than if its left outside in the cold. Googling seems to validate their point.