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Shooting Fireworks

To shoot fireworks, a generalized setup is:

  1. Use a tripod or something else stationary.
  2. ISO 100-200 is fine. You want longer exposures and a dark(er) sky.
  3. Use "bulb mode" on your camera.
  4. Focus on infinity at whatever focal length frames the fireworks.
  5. Experiment until you get the timing down, but starting at about 30 seconds is good.

Only six more months or so until I can try this out! 😀

2 Responses to "Shooting Fireworks"

  1. 30 seconds??? no way. i usually am shooting at f/8 and around 3-4s.

    i've got the exif up on most of the shots here in this set:

  2. I'm with ron here, although I'd even use max aperture and a higher ISO so I don't need a tripod. Of course, I use manual exposure to underexpose the picture and get a dark sky.