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Adium’s Screwed Up Log Viewer

I've had a problem with the way Adium manages its log files for a long time, and I'm hoping that perhaps there's a solution. Essentially, despite the "aliases" offered by Adium, it still logs many of my conversations under the username.

For example, I have a buddy named "Ron" with both an AIM and a Google Talk chat identity. Both are united under the alias "Ron." The AIM logs show up under "Ron" in Adium's log viewer, while I must look under "" for the conversations which take place on Google Talk. This happens despite the fact that the Google Talk ID (and buddy icon) appear beneath the "Ron" alias in the log viewer, right beneath the AIM ID.

I have a few contacts with only one account, and yet the same account is listed separately with conversations. It doesn't always happen, in other words, to aliases with multiple associated accounts.

What gives? Why can't Adium's log viewer properly categorize these conversations?

7 Responses to "Adium’s Screwed Up Log Viewer"

  1. get a pc :mrgreen:

  2. I'm not sure what's going on there for you, but my recent logs are sorted into aliases for me, and collected when I have meta-contacts. This hasn't been done with all my logs (some still have the sign-in names, but I think those are ancient contacts I never set the alias for.

    I'm not sure what's causing that issue for you.

  3. I've created an animated GIF displaying the problem. You can view it here. It's 45k and illustrates the problem pretty clearly.

    The animation plays rather rapidly despite me having chosen "5 sec" for each frame in Adobe Photoshop CS3 (beta).

  4. I see the sames kinds of issues with the various services; icq, aim, tipic, sms, and yahoo. It's esp. noticable with chats accross services and SMS (phone msgs).

    P.S. hows the new newsfeed reader coming along?

  5. Have you tried fixing this ?

  6. [quote comment="39571"]Have you tried fixing this ?[/quote]

    No. I have neither the time nor desire to wade into Adium's source at this point. I don't think my clients or family would appreciate the time spent away from them. There's quite a lot of code in Adium, in case you've not seen it.

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