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Aperture vs. Lightroom

Ars Technica reviews Lightroom and compares it with Aperture. Though I tend to prefer Apple applications, I'm familiar with Photoshop and Lightroom appears to have made incredible strides since the last beta. I wonder if Aperture 2.0 is around the corner and if many of the features found in Lightroom will make their way into Aperture.

I can pick up Lightroom for about $100 via the education discount, so I may just do that for experimentation. I just saved $100 putting up my own garage door opener, after all! I do still wish Adobe had an option to bundle Photoshop CS3 (upgrade) with Lightroom. 😛

Personally, I like a lot of the picture editing features offered by Lightroom. It also feels much faster - Aperture all but demands I quit most other apps or the VM thrashes my disk like crazy (on a 3 GHz quad Mac Pro with 5 GB of RAM and an ATI X1900 card!). But I much prefer Aperture's concept of a centralized library and very slightly prefer its user interface. What are your thoughts?

3 Responses to "Aperture vs. Lightroom"

  1. Personally I'm a bit stuck with Lightroom until I get a mac, however from what I've seen from reviews and videos, they seem pretty close to the same for all intents and purposes. I personally prefer the way that LR handles file management (letting me have my own file structure), but that's just the way I work, I can also see benefits to doing it the other way. Performance seems decent as well, especially after hearing it thrashes on a 3G/5G mac!

  2. [quote comment="39579"]especially after hearing it thrashes on a 3G/5G mac![/quote]

    Only when I'm running all my other apps. Until it pages them out (and after quitting, when it pages them all in) it's a bit rough.

  3. I've been using Lightroom Beta and like it enough that I just purchased the first release. I have not worked in Aperture. I only wish Lightroom had at least burn and dodge tools. Right now, after adjusting a photo in Lightroom, I need to burn and dodge it in Photoshop, then sometimes needing to further adjust in Lightroom.