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Letting the Cat out of the Bag – Mac OS X 10.5

Think Secret seems to believe that both Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Mac OS X 10.5 will ship in March. Me, I'm not so sure, and I think a lot of people will be incredibly disappointed if Mac OS X 10.5 doesn't have some massive UI overhaul. A March release would be a first, after all - we've not really been treated to much of a tour of the OS by Steve Jobs as we usually are.


10 Responses to "Letting the Cat out of the Bag – Mac OS X 10.5"

  1. The last AppleInsider (I find them to be more reliable) article said that Leopard still has tons of bugs in it. It can't be ready for March.

    I would imagine that maybe Steve will hold a presentation, showing off the secret features. This will give developers time to react, and fix bugs in their software that conflict with these new features. Then maybe a full release a month later?

    The dust is still settling on Vista, seriously. March is way too soon.

    Assuming this happens, I think it's reasonable to expect the presentation to happen in April, give developers (and the Mac community) two months to react, then a release at WWDC in June.

  2. I read some where that CS3 will be released March 1st so my money is on April XX.

  3. [quote comment="39586"]I read some where that CS3 will be released March 1st so my money is on April XX.[/quote]

    I doubt very much that PS CS3 will be available March 1, let alone the entire CS3 suite.

  4. 10.0 was released in March 🙂

  5. [quote comment="39589"]10.0 was released in March :smile:[/quote]

    Nobody said it wasn't. I said that a release without a "full tour" would be a first, as I'm assuming a March release would not give Steve enough time to give us a tour and then announce a ship date.

  6. March - well, they might announce a ship date then, but...

    Going on recent builds (NDA here so I'll err on the side of caution): Last seed to ADC members was released just over a month ago. I waited for a bit, thought "maybe I should give it shakedown cruise to see where things are at...", file a few bug reports while I'm at it and generally start getting comfy with 10.5. So I grabbed the dmg and installed it.

    Not one of my greatest ideas. I tried it on my MBP for two solid weeks - then decided to roll back to 10.4.8. Current build Is a long way from solid. I'm still waiting for the next build to see how much progress has been made - but the frequency of public seeding of builds is much lower than it was for 10.2-10.4.

    I'd also tried the prior (Dec?) build on a 24" iMac with similar success - obviously I noticed improvements between builds, but a March release date? Repeat after me - nope. My money is on a release sometime in the month before WWDC.

    [And if for some reason I'm proven wrong - I'd strongly suggest waiting until at least 10.5.2 or better before even thinking about an upgrade. YMMV.]

  7. Given that 10.4.9 is not out yet and that it deserves a couple of months of air time, I think it'd make sense to release 10.5 nearer the developer conference.

  8. My bet is announce in April, just like Tiger. A nice two year upgrade cycle?

  9. Well, I have to be careful what I say, given that I'm an ADC Select member and have access to the seeds..

    I will say that I was surprised that 10.4 came out as early as it did. I thought it needed another 2-3 months of work, based on the last 10.4.0 developer seed we saw. (And looking back at the first few updates to it, I'd say I was right. it wasn't really stable until 10.4.2 or so.)

    Leopard seeds are moving a bit slower than Tiger, and I imagine Apple wouldn't want 10.5.0 to be as buggy as 10.4.0, so I imagine they'll wait until WWDC. That way they can show off their "secret" features (if they exist) too. Although if the secret features impact developers at all, then I' d hope for at least a month between letting developers know about it and the final release.

  10. Webkit just limited trunk checkins and is working on closing out all their P1 bugs. Webkit is an important part of the OS and I think the closing of them will be a good indicator of when the release is. March would be too early for most of them to be closed out. I think May/June is more realistic.