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Seeking an Entrepreneurial Web Developer/Designer

I posted briefly about this "thing" yesterday, but today I'm officially announcing that I'm looking for an entrepreneurial web developer/designer. If you're skilled - and I don't care whether it's in PHP or Ruby or whatever - get in touch with me.

I will not discuss details of the project for at least a week or so. I'm in ongoing talks with two individuals that I trust can do the job, and if one of them wants the spot, it is his. I'm posting this simply so that I can transition smoothly into talks with another group of developers should the need arise.

I can say that the developer chosen will be made a part of a new company as a partial owner. The developer - like the other two partners - will invest some sweat equity (no cash) in order to start the business and produce the "product." The sweat equity will require nowhere near full-time work. Initially, the business itself will require only "free-time work" as well, but could grow quickly to becoming a full-time job (with the income to match, of course).

P.S. AIM remains the best way to get in touch with me, email second, and posting a comment here a distant third.

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