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Your Highlight Color

What's your Mac OS X "Highlight Color"?
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And more importantly, what does our choice say about us? 🙂

Mine's currently set to purple, though in the past few months I've been changing it regularly. Blue or yellow are likely my all-time favorites.

5 Responses to "Your Highlight Color"

  1. Wait, you can change this!

    I guess mine is (and has always been) blue by default 😛

  2. Graphite, nothing touches it.

  3. I think a "I have no idea, but I'll go check" option would be appropriate. I think I keep it set at blue because I neevr notice it, and that seems to be the Hallmark of good design.

  4. I've had mine set at orange, purple, green, "other" .. but currently it's back at boring old blue.

  5. [...] P.S. I'm not asking about your highlight color. If you want to answer that question, go here. [...]

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