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Subscribe to Comments with Live Preview

Something I have to look into sooner or later: the order in which Subscribe to Comments and Live Comment Preview output their data/controls is bad. StC puts its "subscribe" checkbox after LCP's preview text. Thus, the longer someone's comment is (and the more likely they want to subscribe to see if anyone's followed up), the more likely it is that they'll miss the "subscribe" checkbox.

Since I'm using the default "hooks" for each of the plugins (i.e. I don't manually insert either plugins' data or controls), I have little control over the order. But, I'm sure there's a way. In a perfect world, the "subscribe" button would appear before the submit button.

Update (literally one minute later): Duh. I guess I chose "sooner" over "later." <? show_subscription_checkbox(); ?> can manually control the location of StC's checkbox. 😳

One Response to "Subscribe to Comments with Live Preview"

  1. Heh, I was just about to come and comment saying that.