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Tiger Woods for the Wii

I eagerly awaited the arrival of Tiger Woods for the Wii. Today, using my mom's christmas present (a Gamestop gift card), I picked up my copy. Suffice to say I agree with IGN's 7.0 rating. They say:

The real question is whether or not the Wii remote perfectly simulates a golf club. The answer is no - there are still some issues, which we'll outline, but it works well enough most of the time for us to recommend Tiger Woods, especially for die-hard golf fans.

Die-hard golf fans will be among the first to appreciate a golf game, and yet, some of the pickiest, too. The thing just doesn't feel like a golf swing at all. Wii Sports, as the review says, at least offers 1:1 movement. TW does not.

Additionally, some things are just plain wrong. The manual says you can use the d-pad to adjust your putter distance, but I couldn't figure out how to adjust the distance. The tutorials didn't teach me how to spin the ball, and hooking and slicing don't seem to work as intended - I hook just about everything and can't even slice when I try. The graphics are "eh" and the game behaves like a quick port - selecting equipment (a new driver, clothing, etc.) with the Wii pointer is an exercise in frustration.

I will keep trying to play TW the way it should be played - with the Wii remote - but if all else fails, apparently you can hook up the nunchuck up and play the "traditional" way.

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  1. I've been a bit disappointed in it too. Hopefully '08 ends up being better. The swing not being 1 to 1 doesn't make much sense, it's such a natural fit. I can't figure out how to change putting distance either. So far 30 feet is about the longest I can putt. I can't get any distance longer then that.

    For you hook, make sure you're square with the sensor bar. I noticed that if I stood a bit skewed, the same swing would hook or slice depending on my angle to it.

    The other thing that's driving me nuts is the pause button. The first round I tried playing I had a number of 10 stroke holes due to it. My grip on the wiimote was causing it to be hit near the start of my swing causing 60% power swings. It was getting really annoying. I'm finally getting adjusted to it. I was able to avoid it on my last round.

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  3. I agree totally with Brad - the swing physics are crap unlike Wii Sports Golf; the tendency of your golfer to snatch wildy at a shot you're only half way through firing it off at about 60% power stops you winning tournaments; and sometimes in order to stop slicing your ball off into a lake you have to turn the controller around 180 degrees and hit the shot backwards -which makes no sense and detracts somewhat from the supposed realism.

    Also the menu system is as frustrating as a very frustrating bra strap - by accidentally rolling your cursor over different parts of the screen, you can alter all sorts of different settings by accident - and 50% of the time you need to press A to alter something and 50% of the time you have to push B. Pressing the wrong one is catastrophic, and you don't get to find out what you should have pressed until it's too late.

    All in all, a great game idea buggered up by far too many niggling problems, and a massive lack of consistency that prevents you from ever mastering the game.

  4. I have been waiting for this game in hopes to finally put the wii-mote to work. Being a golf nut I was excited to pop in my copy of the game, but like others have already noted, there are some annoying flaws. The putting is probably the most annoying for me, in that, you cant hit the ball any harder than about 30ft. if you have to putt farther, get ready to at least two putt.

    I too have experienced the "pre-swing" phenomenon. You go to take a swing, and all of the sudden your ball's heading down the fairway at a fraction of the intended swing power.

    But being open minded, this is the first time a motion sensitive remote has ever been attempted and all in all, they did a nice job with it. Some have mentioned about the menu's and cursor being able to accidentally changing things. I found out its real sensitive and chose to use the "d-pad" to control the cursor and that easily fixed the problem. I can live with the little flaws because the fun greatly outweighs the little nuances.

    I highly recommend the game and if your like me, your spouse will appreciate the quiet time she will acquire when your busy playing round on here.

  5. I'm slightly mixed with it but overall I love it. Honestly this is the first time I've been this happy and eager to continue to play a golf game as much as I have already. I've owned it for about 1-2 weeks, and enjoyed it once I got through what I was doing wrong.

    Initially, the game is a bit hard because you have no stats. Just like if you were just starting golf 😉

    But I agree there's things that need to be fixed. The selection menus with the remote (ESPECIALLY the save ones) need to be fixed. First off, it needs to stop asking if it should save to the Wii Memory if that's the only spot it can save to! Secondly, those items are WAY too small to accurately click on with the Wii Remote.

    It seems to have other slight bugs, but this is a new system and they probably didn't know to look for them. I've slowly stopped seeing the small swing bug. Maybe I'm just getting used to it now or maybe the stats help.

    My biggest concern now seems to be that when I decided to create a 2nd character (a joke one), my initial (now maxxed out) character can no longer hit as accurately! It's now hooking and slicing and seems to be doing that less and less as I increase the accuracy of my joke character. All other stats seem to be fine. I can put plenty of spin on, hit 320+ year drives with no problem, and even put 40-50 feet or get it within inches of the cup from that distance (thank you best path calculator!) But accuracy seems to be just gone.

    Either way, you may need to wait til you get close to your max stats before you can really determine what's a bug and what was simply just the player needing more stats.

  6. I have to say Tiger 07 for the Wii is one of the most addicting sports games i've played since ken griffey baseball for N64. My roommate has a Tiger 07 for the 360; After becoming completely addicted to the Xbox version, and then playing the Wii version a couple weeks later, i'd have to say i like the Wii version better. I'm a strong supporter of Nintendo and their attempts to try something completely different. Ya there are some bugs and ya the standard and advanced swing controls are frustrating to learn, but the skills 18 tiger challenges are fun, and the last couple matches in the tiger challenge are pretty difficult(even on easy), and theres nothing better than trying to get 110 everytime just to outdrive your friend by a couple yards. You can list all the bad things about the game, or you can see how revolutionary the fact that you can play a video game by swinging a wireless remote truly is.
    In a big-picture perspective, where can graphics and processor speeds take the 360 and PS3, it'll probably be really "cool", but the Wii brings people of all ages back to where gaming is supposed to be. I can't stand the guys who sit and play WOW and the War simulators for days straight and tell me how "fun" it is. Just as "fun" as smoking weed and sitting on the couch all day. The fact is that Wii games aren't showy and incredibly stimulating for the needy brains of gamers, but it is new, fun, and Nintendo is on the right track.

  7. I love Tiger Woods 2007, and while the swing mechanics aren't completely perfect I still think it is great. Just like in real golf, you have to take it easy on your backswing and do it gradually. I've experienced your little pre-swing phenomenon and when I take a slower more relaxed it's fine. And I was having problems with hooking to, but as I practiced I figured out what I was doing wrong and corrected it. You have to realize that with the Wii it's a whole new can just pull back the joystick and push it forward over and's not that simple anymore. Not as simple as just pushing a button, you actually have to be somewhat coordinated. This will probably be the downfall of most couch potato video game nerds, but yes, with the Wii you actually have to have some coordination and practice and figure out your swing, you can't just jump in and expect to be perfect right away.

  8. Half of the time when i swing there is a problem. I start my backswing and before ive even pulled the remote all the way back the game automatically starts the swing motion and hits a 60-75% shot. It is very annoying and makes playing almost impossible. does anyone know of a soulution

  9. I cant stop hooking the ball, and when I think Ive got it sussed its still keeps hooking and playing tournaments seem impossible to even get close to winning. I am an 8 handicap golfer (not that it matters) but I am selling this game on Ebay as its just far too hard. I can have 6 pars then a 5 over simple because its underpowered me, or hooked me out of bounds.

    I have saved the profile as EASY, but this doesnt help.

    I wouldnt recommend this game and I hope nintendo make it easier, and this will make winning tournaments more acheivable - i think they think its all for REAL money - but its only a video game.


  10. Mr. Langer (lol, the real deal?) - wherever you start the swing that's what orients the Wii remote. If you're holding it open when you hit the button to start, then you're probably gonna hook it when you swing.