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More on Steve Jobs and Unions

My own comments on Steve Jobs and education are currently under lock and key. I thought the issue of Steve's comments was a dead one, but the hits just keep on coming. The latest response (that I've bothered to read) comes from a gentleman named Dale Hill, a "34 year retired educator with a Masters Degree in Counseling." Has he been retired for 34 years? Is he 34 years old? Or is he just a 34-year veteran of education? We don't know because Dale comes off as an uneducated doof via wretched grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Normally, employing poor English in an attempt to sway someone's opinion is not an effective tactic. Doing so when talking about education just makes you look silly.

One Response to "More on Steve Jobs and Unions"

  1. Saw this article, and it reminded me of the original discussion. Worth a read.