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Pens Win 6-3

This is one of the better shots from the evening. Going back to a point-and-shoot after spending so much time with a 5D really sucks. I couldn't even keep the flash from turning on every time I turned the camera on and off, let alone control ISO and aperture. I had to take what it gave me. Two rows in front of us were a few gentlemen shooting with semi-pro gear who didn't appear to be members of the press. I'll have to inquire about the possibility of sitting there some day to take some pictures.

Penguins Game

Of course, I was able to witness one of the greatest shots I've ever seen. The first goal of the game came off the stick of Sidney Crosby, who literally split four defenders and let loose a forehand wrister while still mostly airborne and falling down. The puck was probably going 75 MPH and caught the top far shelf cleanly. You can see video here or here. The perspective is virtually identical to the one Carey and I had in section 3W row S. Note for the future: row R is behind the little camera/handicapped pit.

Those videos were deleted but this one is up for now, and the goal we saw was #1 in the list of best NHL goals by Crosby.

The Pens are an incredible team right now, and I'm so thrilled they'll be staying in Pittsburgh. I'm an optimist about things like that, but even I was starting to wonder. I have to think the NHL would have eventually stepped in at some point, but I'm not sure to what level they'd have been capable of stopping a move to K.C.

P.S. I was unable to find the jersey I wanted at the stadium: a Crosby L or XL home jersey. "PenStation" had only a few actual jerseys (I don't want a cheapie replica, or a t-shirt - I'd like an actual CCM sweater). So now I'll have to find one elsewhere, like online. 🙁

3 Responses to "Pens Win 6-3"

  1. Oddly, after Crosby's second goal, an empty-netter with about 0:54 seconds left in the game, people began throwing their hats onto the ice. For Crosby's second goal. I don't even think he had three points, let alone three goals.

    I mean, it was free hat night, but some of the hats on the ice were not the free ones…

  2. Exchange seen on a forum thread about Crosby's amazing goal:

    Granted much of what he does is incredible, and I really do think that he is the best player in this league right now. But, give it a rest....the man isn't walking on water.

    Um, technically he is... it's just frozen.

  3. [...] had intended to get a Sidney Crosby home jersey, but again, they were simply unavailable at the Penguins game. Then on Sunday, the right rear speaker in my living room surround sound system blew up, so I spent [...]