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Simple question, simple answer:


I don't. I think it's pointless and silly. I think the name itself mocks those who "twitter" away precious time better spent getting work done, hanging out with family, or simply relaxing. But hey, I've almost never even used my IM status to convey a message other than the truth - "Went to run errands - back at 2" or "Pas ici." Occasionally I remember to set my available status in Adium to the "iTunes" status so people can see what I'm listening to at the moment.

But twitter? No thanks.

4 Responses to "Twitter"

  1. I want to, but have no real use for it (yet).

  2. I would use it more if people I worked with used it more. I think it can be useful, as my colleague blogs here. When you're working remotely, it's helpful to know what others are up to.

    Right now the IM feature is down and I don't use it. I never think to visit the website.

  3. Tried it, but it felt utterly pointless.

  4. In addition being a bit pointless and adding to general noise on the net, the servers are up and down like a yo-yo making it near unusable imho. Is this a sign that rails isn't as scalable as it's made out to be?