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LogoMaid Rips Off SimpleBits Logo

LogoMaid - a design chop shop - has ripped off Dan Cederholm's SimpleBits logo, then gone so far as to threaten a lawsuit against Dan claiming he stole the logo.

Yeah, right.

John Gruber has more on this, and I'm posting merely to add my PageRank weight to the side that roots squarely against outfits like (and specifically) LogoMaid, the ripoff artists.

Sue, Dan. Sue.

12 Responses to "LogoMaid Rips Off SimpleBits Logo"

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  2. [...] my measly Google page rank of 4/10 and send some link love to a fellow designer and the other blogs picking up the story.  Digg has it too, if you care. Dan Cederholm is a designer of websites, logos, [...]

  3. [...] 2: Here’s a nice summary of all the rip-offs by the shady logo mill. And some PageRank rolling, too. By the way, try a Google search for the name of the offending company and see what pops up in the [...]

  4. I thought dan is a css coder, not a designer. Bunch of bullshit anyway.

  5. I thought dan is a css coder, not a designer.

    There's a difference? 😯

  6. Of course. Css guy playes with tables and such, not with the actual graphic.

  7. [...] [...]

  8. Of course. Css guy playes with tables and such, not with the actual graphic.

    Oh okay. I wasn't aware that CSS coding required no graphic design skill, and was simply "play[ing] with tables and such." I was under the impression that to be successful as a CSS coder, you actually, you know, had to be a real designer as well. I thought you needed to know about line, color, contrast, and other aspects of traditional design, but you've proven to me that the only thing involved is… um… oh wait, all of that!

    Why don't you try commenting on something you have actual experience with before declaring something a "bunch of bullshit."

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  12. let's be honest here. i think half of Logomaid logos are similar to others..:)