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SlingShot 300 AW

If anyone wants to get me a birthday present… one of these would be nice. 🙂 Otherwise, I'll probably get one in two weeks when Dodd Camera in Cleveland gets them in.

I had intended to get a Sidney Crosby home jersey, but again, they were simply unavailable at the Penguins game. Then on Sunday, the right rear speaker in my living room surround sound system blew up, so I spent my birthday money getting a pair of cheapie Bose speakers.

One Response to "SlingShot 300 AW"

  1. Nice! I have the Lowepro CompuDaypack myself (got it as a Christmas gift), and I *love* it! I carry my laptop in the back (padded pocket specifically made for laptops), my dSLR in the bottom (has space leftover for extra lenses), and my MiniDV cam in the main pocket (along with extra memory cards, MiniDV tapes, chargers, etc.). So basically I can take everything I need to blog, photoblog, and videoblog with me any time. I have to say I'm also very impressed by how lightweight and comfortable their bags are. Even when you have them fully packed, they're well padded and don't bother your back at all. I carried mine all day at the Tennessee Aquarium and had no problems at all. I hope someone gets you the one you're looking at for your birthday! I'm sure you'll love it.