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UDSLR Signup Now Available

UDSLRA sign up form is now available at if you're interested in receiving updates. Current plans are to send only one update and to deliver future updates at the UDSLR site itself.

If the logo hasn't clued you in, the general idea is "University" of "DSLR."

I still slightly prefer the original idea - "" - but that domain is owned by a squatter. It's currently running advertising for Russian DSL. Oh, the joys of the Internet. Gotta love those squatters.

3 Responses to "UDSLR Signup Now Available"


    Remember, I'm kinda good at this...

  2. [quote comment="40923"]Remember, I'm kinda good at this...[/quote]

    Kind of good at what? None of those are better than what we've got. And you can't get a .edu unless you're an actual university or college or school of some sort.

  3. [quote comment="40924"]Kind of good at what?[/quote]

    At naming alternatives. Also note I said "kinda..."