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First Sunset Pictures

I went to Presque Isle's beach 6 last night in the hopes of seeing a sunset as spectacular as the one I saw on Wednesday while driving to the Y. The thing about taking pictures of sunsets is that, given at least somewhat favorable conditions, you just have to show up and see what happens. Most of the time you might get a lame sunset, but you certainly can't wait for a good one because by the time you get set up, it will be too late.

Unfortunately on this day, while conditions were fairly good, a thick band of clouds covered up most of the horizon, blocking a lot of the light. The shots seen in the extended entry range from ¼ sec. up to three seconds. I shot them at 70mm with the 24-70 at ISO 100 and f/22.

This was the first chance I had to use my Cokin filter with the graduated neutral density filter. Part of me wishes I had a stronger ND filter, or perhaps even one without the soft transition, as finding the position of the "split" was difficult, even stopped down to f/22 with the DoF preview button depressed.

The black silhouettes you see are both the beach (foreground) and what remains of the sand/ice dunes. If you move your mouse over the words at the bottom, you can see shots one through six.SunsetSunsetSunsetSunsetSunsetSunset

First Sunset
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One Response to "First Sunset Pictures"

  1. I once read a long time ago that Erie has some of the best sunsets in the world. If I remember correctly, we were fifth or so - and most or all of the places above us were in Hawaii or Japan.

    Of course, perhaps I read that in the Erie newspaper, but it's always stood out in my mind, and I can personally attest to the fact that sunsets in Ohio and Florida were never quite as brilliant as they are here in Erie.

    The sunsets seen above (which I enhanced slightly) are really nothing compared to what we often see here.