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Recording a Phone Call

I have an interview scheduled with someone later this week, and I will have to record a phone call. Prior to today, I thought I might just use Skype. At 2.1 cents/minute, it's not exactly expensive.

Still, I have some questions and concerns. Can a third person (on the Skype application) be conferenced in to the same call? Will the quality be very good?

I record our podcasts via Skype (and Audio Hijack Pro), but not by calling an actual phone. Should I look instead to buy some hardware that can hook up on my phone or to my phone line to record a digital file? Or should Skype be fine? I may be doing more of this sort of interview this year, so I'm not opposed to a small investment in some equipment if it's worth it.

4 Responses to "Recording a Phone Call"

  1. At the college radio station where I work, we use a Telos machine for getting phone calls on the air and from there we're able to record the audio out from the board for podcasts and other various uses.
    Check them out:

    Not sure if they would be what you're looking for, but it was what I first thought of when I read your post.

    Good luck.

  2. I use Skype for all my phone call podcast interviews. The sound quality is pretty good. I've heard other podcasts do phone interviews where they hook things up to their actual phone and it's sounded worse. I'm not certain about conferencing someone else into the call, as I've never tried that, but it would be pretty easy to find out - just try it before your interview to test it out.

    From what I've heard such hardware to hook up to a phone and digitize it is quite expensive.

  3. Yes a third person can dial in, or be added to the call. Above 5 it becomes difficult.

  4. I think GrandCentral offers some functionality for this too, haven't really checked it out yet.