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Why I Won’t be Using Google Desktop

a) because I almost never use Spotlight
b) this

4 Responses to "Why I Won’t be Using Google Desktop"

  1. Ugh. I wasn't planning to install Google Desktop anyway, and now I definitely won't.

    I rarely use Spotlight on Tiger (it's too slow, and doesn't seem to work reliably) but I use it more on my Leopard test machine, where it seems to work much better and is more useful. (I don't think any of that violates the NDA.. Apple's own website says as much.)

  2. c) it won't install for me anyway

    but then spotlight does it for me anyway.

  3. I won't be installing it. They should have spent their effort developing a plugin for Spotlight to index a user's Gmail account. They could have spent a lot more time improving the interface's of their various applications (Google Earth, I'm looking at you) then reinventing the wheel.

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