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Dreary Day at Lake Pleasant

Ron and I went to Lake Pleasant last Sunday afternoon. We weren't terribly inspired, and despite having some semi-interesting subjects, the flat lighting made even the nifty subjects rather boring.

I've added one of the shots - a version of the "berry shot" - along with another shot of a flower in my front yard to the Desktops page.

A surprisingly colorful boat in an otherwise ugly, boring, icky scene. Perhaps some closeups of the boat would have been nifty.

Lake Pleasant Dreary 001

A berry I shot on some nifty moss. I used my extension tubes on the 24-70 lens. This one was f/8, I believe, to try to get most of the berry in focus while slightly blurring the moss.

Lake Pleasant Dreary 002

Perhaps my favorite shot, some mossy bark on the bottom of an overturned boat. And if this is my favorite shot, well… yeah. I wonder how it'd look as a Desktop. I don't want to pollute the Desktops section with a bunch of so-so pictures.

Lake Pleasant Dreary 003

Ron and I took pictures of each other shooting on the railing. I bumped the contrast here, obviously.

Lake Pleasant Dreary 004


Lake Pleasant Dreary 005

One Response to "Dreary Day at Lake Pleasant"

  1. Some great shots, Erik! I just wish I had the funds to buy a half-decent camera and learn about this stuff so I could document my travels abroad better! Keep the great shots coming!