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Ball Bearings

I took some pictures of some ball bearings. One of them is now on the desktops page.

The first one was taken with a black cloth over the top and back of the ball bearings. I turned the overhead light off and bounced a gridded flash into a large sheet of blue paper camera left. All the brown/orange you see is the ceiling (wood). I'm clearly visible behind the camera here.

Ball Bearings 003

In the second shot, I draped the cloth over as much of the area as I could, but still left enough room to get the strobe and blue card in there. They're still easily visible.

Ball Bearings 002

In the third shot, I draped the black cloth over the entire setup - the camera, the box, the ball bearings. Then I hand-held my studio strobe light and flashed it about five times from the right and about seven times (at varying distances) from above and slightly behind the ball bearings. That provided the two spots of light you see in this image.

Ball Bearings 001

Bulb setting was used on all but the first image.

One Response to "Ball Bearings"

  1. I can't believe I'm the first to say this:

    It's all ball bearings these days.