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Light Bulbs as Magical Floating Globes

Ron came over last night to "make up" for this coming Sunday when we might miss our weekly photography trek (we're kinda like gym buddies that help force each other to take pictures once a week). We weren't terribly inspired, but we did start with a "floating" light bulb and got some decent pictures. Here are some of my favorites below.

All shot between f/11 and f/8 with the 24-70/2.8L on my 5D (of course). No white balance - just a little levels adjustment (to drive the back to black or near-black) and a crop. I kind of like the extra-warm tones the light pushes onto the skin.

First we started by lighting from underneath as well. We put an Alien Bee 400 a few feet below with a 20° grid. It was too much light, but we didn't feel like diffusing it with a sheet. We were feeling lazy. 🙂

These images certainly provide a different feel than the ones without the floor light.

Light Bulb 002

Light Bulb 007

After removing the floor light, the light bulb acted as the sole light source. Some interesting effects can be had going this way. The last image is my favorite (though it appears I could black out a little of the cloth just below the light bulb).

Light Bulb 012

Light Bulb 016

Light Bulb 014

Light Bulb 018

One Response to "Light Bulbs as Magical Floating Globes"

  1. These are awesome. I love how crisp the outline on the lightbulb is.