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One Too Many Cocktails


Update: This rivals a story Carey just told me. A woman and her child were at the zoo and the kid asked the mom why the penguins had bands around their arms. The mom's response: "So they don't fly away."

4 Responses to "One Too Many Cocktails"

  1. There's one thing worse that a power user... a power user who doesn't understand that they know just enough to be dangerous.

    (1) He needed dynamic DNS for his NAS? Okay. I only wish he explained why.

    (2) He knows that his usr folder exists... so he figures he can simply delete this one.

    Wow. My background is command line (Honeywell GCOS) and then Windows. No UNIX. So it actually took me 2-3 years to delete my Microsoft Office demo!

    Hey, disk space is cheap. Especially when you have a NAS.

    Let me get this straight. He had network storage for his photos, songs, and such. He decided to share them over "the network" using dynamic DNS. Then, to get even more space available on his local HD, he figures he should (a) delete his USR folder, after (b) clicking okay on the popup, without ever (c) looking into it.

    Erik, between your post, his post, and especially the comments - THANK YOU! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. (Which isn't to take away from that guy's disaster. But hey, idiots will sometime acti like an idiot!)

  2. Wow, that guy is an IDIOT. I mean, don't delete something if you don't know what it is... He deserved the trouble. Lesson learned, definitely.


    Reminds me of the story about a guy who stored all his important Word documents in the trashcan to "save space".

    Surprise, one day they were gone.

  4. Seriously, do people go around uninstalling various parts of their cars because they're deemed "unnecessary?" (Oh wait... they most certainly are.)