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Man of the Year

I just finished watching Man of the Year, and despite a promising start, the movie gets unusually serious. What was a funny movie, a mockery of modern-day politics, turns into a boring movie as soon as "Dobbs" is elected President. Lame.

My NetFlix movie queue is getting short. Can anyone recommend some good movies I'm unlikely to have already seen?

9 Responses to "Man of the Year"

  1. Infernal Affairs

    It's the movie that The Departed is a remake of. Friggin' great movie. I like it better than the remake.

    If you haven't seen Hot Fuzz in the theaters it's worth getting out of the house for, if you can.

  2. The Pursuit of Happyness was really good. And Thank You For Smoking was excellent. They both come out on DVD May 1st.

  3. The Fountain.
    Just watch it.

  4. Idiocracy - A fun stupid movie...

  5. Not sure if they’re out on DVD/Netflicks yet, but here is my list.

    Hot Fuzz
    I think I might love my wife
    The Ex
    Delta Farce
    Are we done yet?
    Black Book
    The Valet
    Shrek the Third
    Rein over me
    Training Day

  6. I second Thank You for Smoking. But would add that it's already out on DVD. We got it through Netflix several months ago. I agree that Man of the Year started out promising and quickly spiraled downward.

  7. I've seen Idiocracy and Thank You for Smoking, and Happyness is in the queue. Caius, thanks for the list, but since most of those aren't available now, it won't help me much short term. I'm looking for movies that are available now.

  8. Without Limits
    American Splender
    October Sky

    Old but good.

  9. I quite enjoyed The Science of Sleep recently.

    Any particular genre(s) you're most interested in?

    I've gotten ideas from Jason Kottke's Movies list since I tend to agree with many of his ratings for movies I've already seen.