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Without Power

On Thursday we're scheduled to be without power from 9am to 3pm. WTF am I supposed to do during that time? If anything, it's a great excuse to go play golf, but I really do have a fair amount of work to do, too.

The power outages that I wrote about before have really been far fewer and shorter this year, thankfully, though we seem to get a few more dips in power level than before. Hopefully the changes they make tomorrow will really provide a good level of service and reliable electricity.

2 Responses to "Without Power"

  1. Well, at least the power outage is 1) scheduled, and 2) during daytime hours. Back when I lived in Raleigh, NC, one inch of icefall resulted in my entire neighborhood being powerless for 7 days (not that I was counting), and the most painful aspect of it all was having precisely nothing to do after the sun went down. Even books were hard to read by candlelight, so after the first couple of days, I gave up, going to sleep in my -15 degree sleeping bag on top of my bed at around 7:30 each night, shortly after I'd used my campstove on the patio to boil water for ramen noodles.

    Good times, good times.

  2. Buy 2 MacBooks, make sure they're full charged, and then swap between them when one runs out of juice.

    Actually, it might be cheaper to buy one computer and 3 or 4 spare batteries...