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iDisk Sync Problems with Groups

This dialog keeps appearing today. I've yet to choose "Keep Both," but it matters not whether I choose "This Mac" or "iDisk" - the dialog reappears a few minutes later.

.Mac iDisk Sync Bug

2 Responses to "iDisk Sync Problems with Groups"

  1. i was in fact, just one minute ago googling to see i could find someone else having the same problem.

    that Sync Conflict file "Groups" dialog was popping up all day on my macbookpro, and now i'm home in front of my g5 it pops up on both!

    incidentally i have very similar file sizes for my conflicting 'Groups' files, but different timestamps.

    since i assume it is a problem on 'their end' i'm hoping it'll have been fixed at 'their end' by tomorrow.

  2. I am having the same issue, and can't seem to find any workarounds to abet it.

    If anyone can help on this I would sure appreciate it...It's driving me crazy.