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Eject Key Delay

Ever since I got my Mac Pro last year, the eject keys have been "slower" to react than they were on my G5. I'm using the same keyboard. I have the dual optical drive Mac Pro, but I don't think that makes much of a difference.

By "slower" I mean that instead of tapping the eject key and having a drive open, I have to hold it for about 3/4 second. For the longest time I thought the old ctrl-eject trick (to bring up the restart/sleep/cancel/shut down dialog) didn't work on this particular Mac, but it too simply requires me to hold down the eject key for nearly a second.

7 Responses to "Eject Key Delay"

  1. It's a feature in Mac OS X 10.4.9. Apple support article says:

    To prevent accidentally ejecting media, Mac OS X 10.4.9 adds a slight delay to the Media Eject key before it takes effect. To eject a disc, hold the Media Eject key. The disc will eject normally and the eject symbol will appear.

  2. This was very annoying for me at first, so I use a Quicksilver trigger now, with the asterisk key on the numpad replacing the eject button (ie. option-command-asterisk to sleep).

  3. I like that feature in 10.4.9. I'm always hitting the eject key accidentally on my MacBook Pro. I very rarely have a CD in the drive, and the sound and delay were annoying when it would spin up the empty drive and make an ejecting noise.

  4. I wish i could turn it off. Not a huge deal, but I liked it the other way.

  5. There was a bit about this on OS X Hints not too long ago.

    Basically, on everything but the Mac Pro you can press Eject followed immediately by Option to get around the delay (well, sort of). On the Mac Pro that opens the second drive. I wish this was a configurable value because for me I never hit it accidently. At work the Mac keyboard is off to the side and I type using a keyboard from another workstation via Synergy. At home the Key is far enough out of the way to not hit it mistakenly.

  6. They annoying thing is that this delay also seems to affect the fn-eject key combo that I use from my external keyboard to bring up the sleep/restart/shutdown dialog box (on my MacBook Pro).

  7. Bring back the quick eject!