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QotD: Next Technology Gadget

Question: What technology gadget do you think you'll buy next? Which would you like to buy next?

My Answer: I'll probably pick up an AppleTV. We really need a new laptop, but I don't see that being in the cards any time soon.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Next Technology Gadget"

  1. I just picked up an AppleTV this past weekend -- used it to display slides from a recent trip to Antarctica on the TV, while playing music for the party. It worked very well, and was easy to set up. Worth the $290 Costco price 😉

    For next gadgets... who knows. Will likely get an iPhone after hearing reports of the first wave to go to the early adopters. I'm currently using a Treo 650 with my CRM software (MarketCircle Daylite), but the Treo is IMO a piece of crap. It spontaneously reboots about once a week -- sometimes in the middle of calls. Plus synching is a bit of a mess. When Daylite gets Sync service support, and can go to the iPhone without requiring Missing Sync or other plug ins, I think I will be in geek sync nirvana. Well, if that's truly nirvana :-/

  2. I just bought another MacBook, so I guess I'm not going to be buying another one any time soon. I am, however, going off to work on a cruise ship for 6 months so I'm probably going to buy a Skype phone that I can use on a Wi-Fi network to keep in touch with the folks at home. 😆

    I'd REALLY like to buy an AppleTV but can't justify the expense at the moment unfortunately. Maybe at some point later in the year, although I'm hoping that the iPhone will be out by then! 😉

  3. I'm definitely trying to hang on until Leopard before I pop for a sorely-needed MacBook Pro. In the meantime, saving pennies for a DSLR and attendant lenses. Just picked up a Razr so I'm good for the moment.

    But for me, buying gadgets gets to be a total impulse kind of thing. Luckily nothing is really punching my button right now.

  4. It was going to be a VIA C3, Mini-ITX motherboard/case with an automotive power supply, but the computer that functions as the router (and web/cvs/backup/stats/etc server) for our network died (it was very, very old) so I ended up buying a new system to replace that one.

    The car-puter will have to wait.

  5. I just bought an Xbox 360. I decided to ignore PC gaming for a while.