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Whispering Woods Opens May 25

Whispering Woods LogoI have a few Whispering Woods notes for the people I know have been reading my site for updates. 🙂 Because I've been asked several times, yes, I've joined. I've still got my Lake View membership, too, but am looking forward to trying out Whispering Woods. The one advantage it has over Lake View is that it's very, very close to where I live. If I want to practice my short game or play three holes and come home, I can do that now (well, soon).

First news, the course now has a website, though not a functional one at this time. It's at At least you can see a picture of one of the holes - not much else yet.

The course opens Friday, May 25th with "member appreciation day." Food and refreshments will be provided, and guests are welcome with a member. Normal cart and guest fees apply. Members will be drawing their membership numbers (I couldn't care less what mine is) at the little "celebration" after play.

I thought to post this today for two reasons. First, naturally, I got the email notification about the opening date. Second, I got two GHIN reports today. I'll have to combine my "new" WW GHIN number with my old one at Lake View and maintain a single account.

BTW, if I know you and you're interested in being my guest on May 25, let me know. Tee times start at noon.