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Bike Racks

I'd like to get a bike rack for either the Touareg (preferred) or the Aztek (not as preferred, since we'll be getting rid of it first). We only need to hold two bikes - mine and Carey's. We're also not looking to take any big trips with the rack. We'll probably just go to Presque Isle and such.

Neither car has a hitch, and both have roof racks. Carey and I would like something of decent quality, but we're not looking to spend a fortune, either.

Any biker riders out there with recommendations?

3 Responses to "Bike Racks"

  1. Rocky Mount "Noose" racks are solid and cheap and fit on factory roof racks, as long as you have crossbars.

  2. Fork mount roof racks are the most secure and best for your bike and your car. The hassle is taking off and remounting the front wheel, but that's not all that hard.

    You ought to be able to find racks for either of your cars without paying a premium price for Yakima or Thule. Here's an interesting selection:

  3. Shop around. You can add a hitch easily enough, they're basically bolt-on most of the time.

    When I had a Ford Mustang, I had a rack that held 3 bikes, and it hung off the back of the car. It's 4 mounts - in 2x2 sets, one went on the bumper (weight bearing) and the other set was on top of the trunk.

    It worked well, except if dirt got under the rubber on the mounts - scratches scratches scratches.

    When we bought the Explorer (and now the Escape) I stopped using that bike rack, but instead bought one that goes in the hitch. It is far, far, sturdier, and holds 4 bikes (good for us w/ 2 kids, or 2 friends on a camping trip). It is kinda shaped like an L, and can swivel itself out of the way to load the back of the vehicle w/o having to dismount the bikes. I've seen people use this same rack (and type of rack) on cars too.

    For all the $ we have invested in the bikes (handebars, brackets, seats, pedals, heck the bikes themselves) I wouldn't do any rack other then the hitch-mount type - it just feels sturdier hence 'safer'.