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Heroes Season Finale


So much so that I don't think I'll watch the next year. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was something better than that, for sure.

7 Responses to "Heroes Season Finale"

  1. I agree. It sucked. However, there's no way in hell that I'm going to let a little thing like that stop me from next season. With all the greatness they wrapped into those 23 episodes, they'd have a hell of a hard time putting everything into a reasonably entertaining ending. If you didn't enjoy the season itself, yeah, quit watching. But if the season finale was all that left a bad taste in your mouth, well, hopefully the next 118 days, 21 hours and 15 minutes will give you time to reconsider.

  2. [quote comment="41590"]With all the greatness they wrapped into those 23 episodes, they'd have a hell of a hard time putting everything into a reasonably entertaining ending.[/quote]

    Didn't you feel that the last 10 episodes or so were rather... bland? Was George Takei on the show just to be on the show? Did his character really add much? I think, though I've not explored this thought fully, a lot of things about the show are encapsulated in his character.

    I think the show started off really interesting, but it's been going downhill since the mid-way point, I think. I'm no sci-fi guy - I couldn't care less about Star Trek and barely care more for Star Wars - so perhaps that's it. I just found the show more interesting when we were getting to know the characters, not when they spent the second half of the season running around. The plot twists seemed obvious and phony, the characters ceased to develop further, the showdowns felt hollow and pathetic, and too many questions were left unanswered in a way that feels far too intentional.

  3. I'm watching it now (it's only half over out here on the west coast), and I'm not too impressed so far either.

    But I doubt that'll stop me from watching next season.

  4. I too was dissapointed. They built it up for so long - I was suprised they didn't have anything resolved until 5 minutes to go in the show. The last 4 or 5 episodes seemed really padded to fill it out - the long break mid-season stalled the show, sadly. Good, but could have been awesome.

  5. meh. it was a pretty lame finale.

    even the next season teaser was pretty lame. "oh woah, dude! Hiro IS the guy in the stories he was read as a child!"


    (er... spoiler alert? haha)

  6. The season finale wasn't what I expected. Could've been better. If Sylar is fast enough to stop bullets, why couldn't he stop Hiro from stabbing him? And why couldn't Peter just fly into the sky on his own instead of Nathan having to take him? I enjoyed the season but the last couple episodes didn't seem as good. I'll still watch next season.

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