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MacBook Pro Upgrade

The MacBook Pro is likely to be updated soon, but not before I'd really like to use it: May 28-June 3 and June 11-17. I'll be covering The Memorial and The U.S. Open both weeks and shooting a lot of images. The 12" PowerBook really won't handle the load very smoothly.

What to do, what to do…?

5 Responses to "MacBook Pro Upgrade"

  1. Can you rent? A lot of shops that rent photo equipment can rent laptops as well for jobs.

    You didn't note what software you're doing to do the editing/post work.

  2. [quote comment="41577"]Can you rent?[/quote]

    Not worth the expense, probably. I'll muddle through before I'll pay $200 to rent something for a week.

    [quote comment="41577"]You didn't note what software you're doing to do the editing/post work.[/quote]

    Aperture, of course. I have Lightroom too but I don't use it much. This post isn't so much about finding a solution as it is whining about how the timing hasn't worked out. I had thought we might see new MacBook Pros in April or early May.

  3. I'm hoping for a MBP update tomorrow, but I have a feeling we wont be seeing them until the keynote on June 11th. I wanted to get one before going to WWDC since my iBook's screen is messed up. I'd hate to buy one now to have them updated in two weeks

    As a fallback, I've been thinking about maybe buying one of the new MacBooks and then selling it after the conference. It shouldn't lose too much value since they're brand new.

  4. I placed an order for a MBP last week - sometimes the timing of a need doesn't match nicely with the timing of expected new releases. Such is life.

  5. Dump to an iPod w/the slow as molasses media adaptor?

    I'm local in Columbus. If you do truly fill the memory cards and need to pull the pictures off the cards, look me up.