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Rubik’s Cubes

Toys 'R' Us didn't have any Rubik's Cubes. After watching The Pursuit of Happyness last night ((Specifically, the DVD extra feature on the Rubik's Cube.)) and doing some reading about the methods of solving the puzzle, I'd like to get one. Are they available at Wal-Mart or Target? Or should I just buy online and pay S&H for a $7 toy? 😛

7 Responses to "Rubik’s Cubes"

  1. Hey, glad you enjoyed the movie. 😀

  2. that's kinda funny... i had some friends over last night and we watched the same movie.

  3. They had them at Target a few months ago. I see no reason why they wouldn't have them now.

    toysrus has really gone downhill in the past few years. Some of their stores are good at keeping things in stock, but a lot of them only carry movie tie-in garbage. (and when they do stock real toys, they tend to mark them up a few bucks.. a $19.99 LEGO set might go for $21.99 for example.)

  4. I watched The Pursuit of Happyness last night too! I also want to get a Rubik's cube. I never knew that the center squares never move. that fact seems to take it from impossible to just really hard :).

    I also saw this on instructables:

    They have a bunch of other Rubik's Cube related projects as well.

  5. I got my last one at Kay-Bee Toys for under ten bucks. They're actually pretty easy to solve, but speed cubing is where it's at.

    You'll see it recommended that you disassemble the cube and spray it with silicone to ease twisting. I agree.

  6. Make sure you get the 'real one'. In my experience, cheap copies don't turn as smoothly (even with vaseline or whatever) and loose their color stickers easily.

  7. I'm a speed cuber. JK

    I got the 2x2x2 cube online from ebay, you can also get the reg. 3x3x3 cube there.

    Fastest time with 2x2x2 - 18.34 sec.

    Good Luck