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Nemacolin Woodlands and Mystic Rock

Played Mystic Rock today. Shot 39 on the front nine with a double bogey at the ninth after a tap-in birdie at the previous hole. I was a bit distracted on the back nine and gave up keeping track of the score after I crunched a drive at the 11th only to lose the ball. It could have gone 400 yards (down a big hill, mind you, and with some cart path help) into the water hazard in front of the 12th green. Someone could have picked it up. I don't know. It vanished, and we looked everywhere for it.

The course remains in great shape, and most of the afternoon I spent working with Alan to straighten out his duck hook. It's a combination of two things: he closes the clubface quickly through impact and comes at the ball from well inside. He takes the club away well inside and gets way across the line (the opposite of laid off) on the backswing.

The fix for Alan has been simple: open the stance a little, push the club away (it feels very outside to Alan, but it's pretty much on line) with his left shoulder, and stop the backswing when his shoulder touches his chin. He also needs to move the grip into his fingers and out of the palm of his hands, then trust that he'll probably hit a little baby fade.