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MovableType 4 Beta


3 Responses to "MovableType 4 Beta"

  1. I agree. I read the news thinking, "give me one good reason to want to switch back" and I couldn't find it (not that I looked *that* hard). This seems to be aimed at those MT 2-3.x folks who were looking longingly over the fence and contemplating a change. They're going to be thrilled to be able to stick with what they know and get some of what the other guys have. But for those of us who have already made the switch to WordPress, there's nothing at all compelling here.

  2. The only thing I long for in MT 4 that WordPress doesn't have is a decent admin panel. WordPress' is awful. Luckily, Steve Smith's Tiger Administration Panel can help ease the pain, but it's not without it's own quirks.

  3. Did you bother to download it?
    It's pretty darn amazing - some verrry cool stuff is not readily apparent at first, but wow, what an overhaul!