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Winter Hockey

So, it appears I'll be playing hockey this winter. I've asked to be put in the "beginner's" league because, thus far, my hockey experience is limited to roller hockey in college (we were, as a team, really quite good). I can ice skate, but the last time I did so was about ten years ago. I'm going to have to learn to slide stop and do other things again.

The downside is, of course, purchasing all the equipment up front. Sure, if I play for five or six years, it's a one-time cost, but the gloves, helmet, etc. I have from roller hockey won't work on the ice. The other downside is that the league starts in September (September?!?!), which overlaps what may be the best part of golf season (June and September are close…). I was hoping the winter league would be, you know, more during the winter. January to March, say - so I'd have something active to do when I wasn't golfing.

One Response to "Winter Hockey"

  1. At least now you have discount hockey stores on the Internet, whcih they didn't have when you were in high school. 🙂