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WWDC 2K7 Predictions

What are your WWDC predictions? I haven't got many, but I do suspect we'll see some of those "secret" features in 10.5 - including a new look.

I think the iPhone will be underplayed at WWDC because I think Apple will (wisely) hold off on releasing an SDK until they're sure they have the APIs down pat. To people clamoring for an SDK, I am reminded of a common consulting joke: you can have it on time, on budget, and fully featured - choose any two. I'd rather have a solid, stable, wonderful iPhone SDK/API in a year or two than a crappy one now.

P.S. I highly doubt that even when November rolls around and my last cell phone contract ends (Carey's parents' line) that I'll be able to get an iPhone. There's simply no AT&T or Cingular in Erie, PA. Grrrr… 🙂

One Response to "WWDC 2K7 Predictions"

  1. I've posted my predictions.

    I've accepted, through the reasoning of others (like Siracusa) that the iPhone SDK will be late and good - after all, if they nicked engineers from the 10.5 team, they didn't do it to fix stuff they could add afterwards, they did it to finish the shipping product.

    However, I also think an announcement that it will be coming would be reasonable - the launch is three weeks away and the same company is holding a developer's conference (a worldwide one, too), so it'd be comforting to preannounce it. I'm sure it'd be better for their stock price if they did, anyway. (Not that it's in any imminent danger.)