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Played at Oak Tree

Today Steve and I took the day off from hiking around the golf course to play one of my favorite courses in the general area: Oak Tree Country Club near Sharon, PA. The course was reviewed rather positively on The Sand Trap and it's always a joy to play.

Despite not playing particularly great, I shot 33 on the front nine. I nailed four birdies and mixed in a double bogey from a bad sand wedge. The back didn't go quite as well, primarily due to more horrible sand wedges, but it's one of my better rounds of late, particularly with the putter. I worked with a yardstick on the practice green prior to play. It must have helped.

Play was halted up the sixth hole due to a hailstorm that dumped an inch of water and pebble-sized hail on the area. The practice green was nearly solid white at one point.