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Saturday at the U.S. Open

This is the one post I won't just refer to The Sand Trap. 🙂 I didn't write anything Saturday there.

I met my cousin at about 7:15 by the second green, and we watched 19 golfers go through the second hole. Masters champ Zach Johnson triple bogeyed after putting in a bunker to get to a better lie, then leaving his ball there with his next shot.

We wandered around, and my cousin admonished me for not telling him that the "hot chick ratio" at golf tournaments was so high. So, for any other single guys out there, consider yourself warned: you should dress well when you attend golf tournaments if golf and comfort aren't first on your list of priorities.

One Response to "Saturday at the U.S. Open"

  1. Hey now, golf was my top priority. I just didn't expect so many sun dresses...the US Open provided the complete package of viewer enjoyment.