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Safari 3 Beta

I've just installed the Safari 3 beta (since Saft has been updated to work with it), and the one thing I've noticed already is that the scroll position is not restored on reload.

Another bug/annoyance: if I enter text in an online forum and post it via the AJAX methods, then try to close the window/tab, Safari will warn me about text I've typed in the window.

What other "bugs" or "issues" have people found with the beta?

4 Responses to "Safari 3 Beta"

  1. Well I just switched back to v2. Firstly because I use Firefox and not Safari anyways, and second because all the weird rendering issues affect other webkit-based apps without giving anything else back. Like NetNewsWire and ecto.

  2. Yes, we had some issues with our beta feed client, but we resolved them pretty easily. I've yet to see any odd rendering bugs or issues.

  3. When you remove content from a scrollable page via AJAX, thus making the site fit in the window, the scrollbars won't disappear. Might only happen if the content was also added with AJAX.

  4. I have personally found it far superior, some of the features, such as the "you have 500 windows open and you hit Apple+Q instead of Apple+W, idiot" are fantastic. I guess I don't really frequent a lot of sites where I hit that bug with the Ajax forms (though I have seen once or twice) I've been saved by the bug many more times than i've been bitten by it (I can think of writing a reply to a customer in our webmail app when I accidentally almost closed the browser and this protection saved me, very similar to the introduction of undo support in text boxes that also saves me frequently!). That topped with the fact that, yes, it is just FASTER! Much faster. Loading pages with lots of images (mrtg graphs at work) used to be nearly impossible with Safari but now it works swimmingly. And memory usage is way down too.

    Oh, and, this comment is now larger than your comment box (which should probably tell me to stop blabbing), fortunately, I don't need to, I can just make it bigger :).