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That Will be a Warm, Pink Center

Why, when you order steak - even if the waitress recognizes you as having been in several times before - must waiters/waitresses describe the way the meat will look after it's been cooked? Do people ever change their mind after hearing that medium-rare is a "warm, pink center" or that well-done is a "hot, brown center with chars on the outside"? Is it done to eliminate customer complaints? Or do people honestly not know what they mean when they're ordering a steak?

2 Responses to "That Will be a Warm, Pink Center"

  1. I imagine it is to eliminate customer complaints. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a standard between restaurants on the degree of cooking terminology and the actual result. Just a couple seconds to describe the standards at that particular restaurant alleviates much confusion I imagine.

  2. Pure and absolute habbit. When you take that many orders a day, as I'm sure any server out there does, it becomes an ingrained habbit. My wife worked at Chili's in college (so that was 6 years ago) and still calls dinner salads "din-h" (a dinner priced house salad).