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Your iPhone Experiences

Comment here with your iPhone experiences, either first- or second-hand.

7 Responses to "Your iPhone Experiences"

  1. I took some pictures of the iPhone hysteria here on Long Island.

    The people in the Apple store were giving coffee and donuts to the line standers.

    Some people camped out as early as the night before.

  2. The process of getting the phone was so easy. My only complaint was that the AT&T reps were scared to tell us how many items they had.

    Other then that, it was painless. In and out by 6:30.

  3. I have mine, after not having to wait in line at all in Atlanta, GA at the Apple Store. However, now I am waiting 24 hours until my T-Mobile number gets transferred over to AT&T... the only crappy thing is that nothing on the phone works until activation is complete...

    So, more waiting for me!

  4. Walked into the Clarendon Apple store at 11 PM, walked out with an iPhone and a case at 11:06 PM.

    Got home, upgraded my machine to 10.4.10 and iTunes 7.3. Restarted, plugged in the iPhone and was quickly told I couldn't use my iPhone because I have a business account. Was directed to perhaps the WORST customer service page I've ever seen:

    Seriously, it's terrible. It makes me want to strangle someone at AT&T, preferably the CEO. I've been on hold for the last 45 minutes. Eventually I'll get it activated and get some sleep. But for now, I'm firmly of the opinion that AT&T fucked this one up big time, and so did Apple by requiring activation for any features of the phone to work at all.

  5. I posted a blog entry about my experiences from today. Basically, it comes down to what I thought would be the case: the local AT&T network *may not* be as reliable as Verizon's but the iPhone itself rocks.

  6. I stopped by the Syracuse, NY Apple store in Carousel Center tonight to pick up a MacBook Pro. I had to wait in line to get into the store, but the wait was only about 4-5 minutes long. There were a lot of people gawking over the iPhone. At this point I feel that I've read so much about it, it's as if I've actually handled it. I figure I'll go back in a few weeks when everything is settled and actually try it out. Today I only caught a passing glimpse of it in someone's hand, but that was enough.

  7. I have blogged my experiences with the iPhone and the nightmare that is AT&T activation..

    But for the most part, I am a very happy iPhone owner.