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Whispering Woods Driving Range

WW LogoWhispering Woods has been a great place to play, but the general feeling is that the course opened just a bit too soon. Or, to put a better and perhaps more realistic spin on things, the course and the whole operation needs time to mature. The grass on the back nine is sparse in many spots and the course simply needs time to "grow in" a little more. The clubhouse will get built next year, and for now I don't mind having to use a double-wide trailer as a clubhouse. So be it.

But the biggest difficulty I'm having is with two more important aspects: the putting green and driving range. The putting green is on such an angle it's essentially worthless - there are no flat putts, and you can barely keep balls on the top half of the green. The driving range simply doesn't exist yet, and I'm not entirely certain they can build one in time for next spring. There's a planned 110-yard short game area/19th hole as well, but that's gotta be behind even the driving range.

I'm giving the operation this year to be "as it is," but come next spring, I'm going to expect to be able to putt and practice my game from at least a half-decent driving range. I'll give them until the fall or even perhaps the next spring for the short game area, but 2009 will be interesting, as current memberships expire at the end of 2008 and I expect a good price bump. If those things aren't in place, I foresee a good bit of turnover.

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