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New, Err, Old, Errr, New Coke Can

Coke Cans

The Coke can has been redesigned. I like the "new" old look, and agree with the comments here (also where the image comes from).

3 Responses to "New, Err, Old, Errr, New Coke Can"

  1. I liked the background in the old and the foreground in the new. What that yellow dash was doing there, I could never understand.

    Not that I ever drink Coke.

  2. I like the cleaner look of the new one, but the text looks better with the black border & shadow from the old one to give it some depth.

  3. New one is certainly a whole lot better. And that "classic"-text on the old one looks completely out of place, the font is all wrong. Still got the old design over here in Norway (but no classic text). Guess we'll get it eventually.