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EDGA Mid-Am at Kahkwa

It appears I tee off at 8:24 on Monday in the EDGA Mid-Am at Kahkwa. Not that anyone cares, but my handicap has dropped two strokes this year to a 3.1. I've had a few rounds in the 1.x range and a few others in the 2.x range. My ballstriking has improved, my driving is fairly consistent, and I've picked up both distance and height with my irons. My putting has improved.

Perhaps the only thing that's gone downhill is my short game - 100 yards and in - because the promised short game area at Lake View will never be built (despite the money having been collected for it in assessments) and the short game area at Whispering Woods does not yet exist. I haven't really had the chance to practice those wedge shots all year, and it shows at least a few times per round.

I don't expect to win, by the way, but finishing in the top half of the field would be nice.

2 Responses to "EDGA Mid-Am at Kahkwa"

  1. I'm proud of you for just going out there! You'll be a winner to us regardless of your score!

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