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Haircuts at Home

Does anyone get haircuts at home? I don't know a hairdresser, but Carey and I are considering buying one of those machines (like the "Flowbee"). My current barber almost never cuts my hair as short as I like and he never gets the fade in the back correct, and I'd rather not pay $15 to go to a general stylist.

9 Responses to "Haircuts at Home"

  1. $15? I pay $70 to get my hair cut, and that's just a regular cut - nothing fancy. Stop being a cheapass 😀

    I guess if you prefer the machine short cut though, you could save a lot of cash on getting a machine. No problem to use (even on yourself), and well, it's gonna cost you no more than a single cut.

  2. I just use clippers. They cut the hair short and are difficult to make mistakes with. I don't see a haircut as a worthy expense for my head.

  3. $70 damn! Even $15 is up there. I pay $12 and it comes with a hot lather shave along back edge on my neck (with a straight razor no less). It's unfortunate, not many places do that anymore. It's hard to find a good barbershop these days.

  4. I have cut my own hair with the same set of clippers for 10 years now... Man time flies ;-P

  5. - To Andreas -

    And yet, your hair is the only thing we can't see in your profile photo. 😛

    If I had an $80 hair cut (you do tip your stylist, right?) I would be sure to point it out to everyone. 😀

  6. 1) 70 bucks for a hair cut is great, if you have the scratch. I pay 12 bucks (including tip) and that here in New York.

    2) I have made some blog posts on haircuts, for your consideration here (click here)

    3) I suggest you get a set of clippers and after a few trial-and-errors, I am sure that Cary will get it right.

    The difference between a GOOD haircut and a BAD haircut is usually six weeks.

  7. [quote comment="42381"]you do tip your stylist, right?[/quote]
    Ahahaha. Tipping isn't very common in Norway. We barely even tip the waiters in restaurants. But then we don't have $15 haircuts either...

  8. Old thread, but caught my eye. Funny subject.

    I spend $70 on my haircut, about every 4-6 weeks. I think it's better to pay the money and know you'll get a good job, but I admit that's a lot of dough for a haircut.

    But if you haven't already done it, don't buy the do it yourself thingie. It will look like, well, you cut your own hair. Which, under most circumstances, isn't going to look better than your basic barber job.

    Also, and this is probably something that will get a few laughs, I like having my hair cut by an attractive woman, where they wash your hair, talk to you, spend some time with it an actually look like they are interested in how you look. To me, this beats sitting in the barber shop waiting for your neighbor and his three sons to get their haircuts, and then having some old guy with dandruff buzz your head for 8 minutes. Well worth the extra dough, for me anyway.

  9. [quote comment="43090"]I spend $70 on my haircut, about every 4-6 weeks. I think it's better to pay the money and know you'll get a good job, but I admit that's a lot of dough for a haircut.[/quote]

    I pay $10, and that includes a $2 tip. It's a barber, and he just cuts it quickly, you bet - hence this whole topic. I don't need to have my hair cut and washed by attractive women, and $60 is a lot of waste. Since I work from home, I can get by with an occasionally bad haircut. I have a hat on 90% of the time anyway.