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You Park Like An

I sometimes wish I had a few of these cards handy, but I would only use them in really bad cases (unlike many of those in the gallery), and even then I'd be too chicken to use 'em.

Spread the love, not the hate, people. But get a good laugh where you can, too. 🙂

2 Responses to "You Park Like An"

  1. I got some of the low tack I park like and idiot bumper stickers. I tested them on my own car first cause even bad parkers don't deserve damage to their vehicle. They were also reserved for really bad offenses. My most common targets were someone parking their car in the middle of two stalls to prevent door dings, but rather than doing it in the back of the lot they park as close as possible, parking where there is no parking spot, usually inconveniencing everyone else.

    It was great to watch people drive off with them on. I always wrote on them their specific violation, so that if they didn't notice it right away they would hopefully know why they got it.

    Of particular abuse was at a building I attended a weekly meeting in. There was parking alongside the building, a drive way and then a few little islands with a red curb alongside the drive way side and then the rest of the parking lot. People were always parking alongside the red curbs due to laziness or perhaps an attempt to not park alongside others (the offenders tended to have nicer cars). After a month or two of 'tagging' cars the problem was solved.

  2. Some bike messengers in SF have fluorescent "I'm an a...ole" stickers (I assume they are either static sticky or not very sticky, but I could be wrong) that they'll slap on people's windows for offenses against bikers.