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Mid-Am Results

The results of the 2007 EDGA Mid-Am have been posted. I shot 84 in the first round, then came back with a 76 in the second round, including what were "almost" three-putt bogeys on the last two holes (the first putts were from off the green, and both had good speed but a bad line). I putted really well all day, missing only about four putts inside of ten feet and holing a good percentage of my putts outside of ten feet.

I should have worked harder at trying to score a practice round of some kind. The first round was the first time I'd seen Kahkwa in 12 years. A pair of 76s would have put me in 11th place.

I accomplished all four of my goals:

  1. Had an enjoyable day (and did not kill my caddie).
  2. Beat my playing partners.
  3. Finished in the top half of the field.
  4. Beat Paul.

I know Paul and have played with him several times at Lake View, so now I get bragging rights for awhile.

One final note - and this one bugged me as I feel golf is a walking game, particularly when it's 36 holes in one day, and that endurance is a factor. The rules specifically said no "powered golf carts" would be allowed, but apparently the rules meant powered trolleys (for your bag), because the majority of the field drove around in golf carts for one or both rounds. Lame.