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Visited Pymatuning

Today we took a trip to Pymatuning State Park to visit the spillway (i.e. the place where the carp are so think you could almost walk on them) and the Deer Park nearby.

Here are some photos from that journey. This is the first time in awhile I've gotten the chance to use the camera for something other than golf-related stuff. It was good to get back out.

I took the 70-200/2.8LIS. When I got out at the spillway, someone immediately said "whoa, look at that lens." Good thing I don't have the 400/2.8 or the 500/4 eh? 😛

Pymatuning Carp

Pymatuning Geese

Pymatuning Bird1

Pymatuning Bird2

Pymatuning Bird3

Pymatuning Goat

Pymatuning Monkey

Pymatuning Pig