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Kayaking Near Erie, PA

I have two open-top kayaks from when I lived in Florida (12' and 14' Wilderness Systems kayaks). I'm looking for a few places to kayak around Erie, PA.

I'd go on the lake or in the bay, but I'm looking for some easier paddles so the wife can go along. I don't think she'll want to deal with even one-foot waves on the lake, boaters, etc.

Any suggestions? Feel free to mention some slightly more… adventurous paddles, too, but label them as such in the comments. Thanks!

P.S. Eventually I may get back into kayak fishing as well, but right now I'm just looking for some exercise and something to do. Maybe even some unique photography opportunities.

15 Responses to "Kayaking Near Erie, PA"

  1. Head down our way to Franklin/Oil City. Lots of good water in French Creek and the Allegheny down to Elementon. Talk to this guy: . He's a friend of mine who does a ton of kayaking in the area and loves to talk about it. Feel free to tell him I sent you his way.

  2. On Saturday's through September Presque Isle State Park holds FREE guided tours from 10-2 for kayakers or canoeers. They meet at the Boat Livery. It's great way to get to know the waters inside Presque Isle.

    1. Do you have to have your own canoe?

    2. [quote comment="55016"]Do you have to have your own canoe?[/quote]

      For the guided tours, I don't know. You should probably call them to ask. They may have some you can rent.

  3. I haven't ever gone kayaking but I lived in Erie for 40+ years of my could offer up the suggestion of the lagoons in Presque Isle.............and then if your wife felt adventurous you could go right out onto the bay from the lagoons if the bay was calm enough for her. Just a thought.

  4. If you are willing to travel a little bit going to Kinzua Dam or Chautauqua Lake is great.

  5. Wife and I canoe once per year with friends on French creek. Actually, I'm responding to ask whether you'd consider renting your kayaks for a one day float. I can find no where in the area to rent them except on P I State park and they must be used within their waters. Our trip is scheduled this Sunday 6/22.

  6. We are about 1 hour from Erie, we rent kayaks and canoes from one hour up to a two day trip. The Conewango is a "creek" but is 62 miles long the deepest pool is 52 feet and is 200 yards wide at it widest spot, how ever it is also small enough to allow you to paddle up on deer, otters and many other species of wild life, most of the creek is in remote areas and we offer camping at the livery also.

  7. The Lagoons at the Peninsula are always a fun calm place to Kayak.
    Our cousin just went from Buckaloons (near Youngsville) to Indian River in the Allegheny's and had a great time. She is a beginner.
    Oil Creek is a great and popular place to Kayak. Hope this helps. Have a fun and safe July 4th.

  8. I'm an Ambassador at Presque Isle State Park and would be more than happy to show you around the Park. Especially where to Kayak, either in the Lagoons or any of the Bays'.Contact me and we can meet at the Park. I'm out there most days and am Kayaking all the time.

    1. this post was awhile back but, my family & I just got kayaks....and need a good guide of places to to so..Please respond if able A.S.A.P. thanks!

    2. Dear Mr. Berchtold,
      I'm not replying about kayaking but I was trying to find a way to contact you about the beautiful photographs that you take at Presque Isle.

      I am interested in the one you took of the Flagship Niagara coming into port a couple months ago.

      I'm hoping you will see this post and reply.

      Thank you,

    3. [quote comment="71483"]I'm hoping you will see this post and reply.[/quote]

      I'll email him a link to your comment and your email address, Carol.

    4. Hello, Brian. MY wife and I are new to kayaking and could use any information on kayaking.--- We purchased a Sea Eagle inflateable, tandem, 380x for Xmas. So we are anxious to try it out.

  9. Edinboro Lake and Lake Pleasant are fun but our favorite is the lagoons .......