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New iLife ’08 and iWork ’08 Introduced

I've been gone all day, but I just found out that iLife '08 and iWork '08 are shipping, so I've already ordered my copies. I get more than enough use out of them to justify their fairly small pricing, and I'm glad to see Numbers is now included.


7 Responses to "New iLife ’08 and iWork ’08 Introduced"

  1. I think they missed a pretty good opportunity to license the name "NUMB3RS" for their l33t spreadsheet program =)

    I just hope they fixed tagging in iPhoto (and look forward to your report)

  2. I ordered a LED MacBook Pro last week (which hasn't shipped yet), so I'll most likely get iLife 08 with it.

  3. I don't use any of iLife '06 that came with my current machine, so I can't see why I'd bother with '08.

    The only thing that might be interesting is .mac galleries, but I've got a large Aperture library, so no way would I go back to iPhoto.

  4. Buying both, because they'll be coming on my new iMac...yay. :mrgreen:

  5. Buying iLife (gotta get hacking on new version of iPhoto To SQL). Hopefully they've addressed some of the deficiencies of the (yes, undocumented and unsupported) plugin architecture.

    iWork is tempting for Numbers, I may eventually get it, but NeoOffice is meeting my needs for free right now. I'll definitely be recommending it to my parents though.

  6. I'll probably buy both. I don't use iWork 05 very much, but I'm interested in Numbers. I'm really interested to see if Numbers really reads my financial spreadsheets: I use no fewer than 5 workbooks, all of which are inter-linked and all of which have multiple worksheets. If Numbers can correctly read all of that, I will be mightily impressed.

    I'm interested in iLife for several new features - specifically new items in iWeb, iMovie, and iPhoto.

    You might recall that I run a very tight budget. For the month of August there is no money for these things -- my budget for each month is set out before the month begins, and I don't have room for ~$200 in unexpected expenses; unless I have an emergency, the budget does not change after the month begins. I'm sure I'll be able to make room for them in the next few months. Gotta make room for Leopard too. 😎

  7. I ordered iLife '08 the minute the Apple store came back up, and it should be waiting for me at home this afternoon. I wasn't very interested in iWork at first, but the more I look at it, listen to podcasts, etc. the more tempting it becomes. I'm thinking I'll download the 30-day trial and see how much I like it and use it. $79 *is* a very reasonable price.